Sister To Sister Weekend  
       Novel Excerpt
     “Morgan, either you move your car into the garage, or I will move it for you,” the dreadful Brent Ashton bellowed. “This hurricane is going to get dangerous, and your car is too close to our living quarters!”
Who the hell did he think he was, ordering her around like that? And what did he mean, “Our living quarters?” And why was his mere presence ruffling her feathers to the very core of her existence? His dark, sexy eyes bored into hers and her body shivered as if the very outer protective layer of her body was being stripped away. Red-hot heat leisurely crept to her neck and encompassed it like a blast from a furnace. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood like needles, pricking the tender skin at the base of her neck. Her heart pulsated. Her stomach churned. Her breath scorched her throat as she slowly, painfully exhaled.  
He stood near the door urging her to move forward. “Move it Morgan! You’re wasting valuable time!” he shouted. 
     “Well, you have no right to order me around Brent Ashton! You shouldn’t be here anyway. This weekend was meant for my sisters and me, not you!” Morgan inched slowly toward the door, hoping he wouldn’t move. 
      Much to her chagrin, his entire frame moved quickly and covered the door, forcing her to brush past him, touching his body. And as she did so, heat spawned from his body; she could sense the hot rays that were quickly flung to her as she involuntarily caught them, one at a time.  Liquid fire coursed quickly throughout her body. I need to get out of here, and fast. Cool down. Too hot and bothered. The cold, pelting rain was just what she needed.
     As she hurriedly left the house, the wind howled unmercifully, flying debris all around her. The usually majestic, unruffled palm trees were fledging madly. She feared they might topple at any moment. The calm, emerald green water was now murky and churning madly. Large white caps made their way to land and crashed forcefully and frantically. The sugar-white sand was drenched and sucked back into the gulf. Anything not secured had taken a life all of its own. The street was strewn with debris, overturned trashcans, tree limbs, and sand from the once pristine beach. Rain bombarded everything in sight, including her. Only a few steps away from the house, she was already drenched from head to toe. Her body jerked frantically from the icy cold rain pellets, but her soul remained ablaze.
     She fought the wind and the rain as she struggled toward her car. For every step she took, the wind blew her back two. She wished she had grabbed some type of protective rain gear before venturing out. But she hadn’t wanted Brent driving her car. Her car was her personal space. And she was going to be damned if he was allowed to invade it. The wind, water, and   flying objects made for an unpleasant combination. She had never seen anything like this! 
     It was insane. Of all the people she could have run into this weekend with her sisters, Brent Ashton would have been the last person she could have imagined. She had an enormous dislike for him. He had a reputation with women. Yep, he was deemed the biggest player in Atlanta. To make matters worse, she had recently denied his non-profit organization for boys a grant, and she was quite sure he remembered. She didn’t need this, and he was just the type she steered clear of, and she was not about to let him march into her world now!
     As she inched closer to her car, she prayed that she could make it before being overcome by the elements that stood between her and the car. Before she realized what was happening, she was struck on the head by a tree limb. She fell to the ground and barely missed the water that was slowly creeping up towards the house. Her world suddenly went black.
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